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Mike doing the ‘Tasmanian Kabuki’ for rose-of-pollux ♥

Nez, you big, lovable weirdo, you…


When you think about something really embarrassing that you did years ago


When you think about something really embarrassing that you did years ago

This literally sums up their entire friendship/relationship over the last 45+ years…

Hi ladies! I know I have seen the answer on here before but can't remember which month/year it was answered...what program is used to create the wonderful GIF's that get posted on here? I seem to remember it was Adobe something or other...? marchhare13

Hey there! Well, there are a few different programs one can use to make gifs. I (Miss Mini) use Adobe ImageReady, but there is also Photoshop, GIMP, and Picasa. If anyone has experience with using any of these programs or knows of another good program for making gifs, please feel free to comment on here and tell us about it!

Hi! I love this blog soooo much it's halarious! I just wanted to know, you know that gif of Peter sliding off a chair with Mike and Micky standing behind him and the words "Lost ability to can" over it? I love that! Could you tell me what episode it is from? Thanks! snbtashtnb

Thanks very much! That great gif (made by the very lovely revychumso) is actually not from one of the episodes…it’s from one of the Kelloggs commercials that the Monkees did back in the ’60s! You can check it out HERE. :)

There was a gift of Davy dancing and it said "Go home Davy you're drunk"... Do you know who did it or where I can find it? zeddemore99

Hey there! Well, we’re not sure if the gif itself had that text on it, but we did find a post with gifs of Davy dancing and the caption underneath refers to him being drunk. The post is from yoursunnygirlfriend and you can find it HERE.

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