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Monkees Awards Challenge: Day 11 and Day 12

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**NOTE: First, apologies for being a bit late with the last two days of the challenge. Second, many thanks to the fabulous thank-your-lucky-stars for doing this for all of us! The challenge officially ends tomorrow, so now’s the time to finish the rest of the questions if you haven’t already!

DAY 11a: Favorite Song from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones, Ltd.


Oh, this is such an evil, evil question! There are at least three that I love in equal fervor and I have no idea how to narrow it down. The album is fantastic and has a lot of terrific Mike-lead vocals and Mike/Micky harmonies. After great deliberation, I think I will have to go with “Love Is Only Sleeping,” at least in part due to Peter’s white pants in the video, Mike’s falsetto, and this super-hot Torklenzmith fic that is based on the aforementioned video.

DAY 11b: Joke or Story You’d Most Like Micky Dolenz to Stop Telling in Interviews

Hahah. Aw, Micky. Well, I love Micky, truly I do, but there are definitely some anecdotes of his that have gotten real damn tired. (Namely, the line “I’m told I had a great time”; the “I looked like a cross between Ronald McDonald and Charlie Manson” Beatles story; and the Leonard Nimoy/Vulcan analogy.) I think my feeling on this is not so much that I want Micky to stop telling the same stories, but I want interviewers and such to stop asking the same freaking questions over and over again.

For what it’s worth, Peter does the same thing of using the same bits and jokes in his show over and over again, and the difference is that Micky at least makes his stories sound (somewhat) fresh. So what I’d really love is for Micky to tell a story he’s told before, but in a completely different way. Or it would be great if he told some stories that he’s never told before, but again, that’s only likely to happen if these interviewers do five seconds of research and ask some new damn questions.

DAY 12a: Favorite Monkees Solo Project

Another toughie! Well, I have to say that, for whatever reason, it took me a long time to get into each Monkee’s solo work (excluding Peter with Shoe Suede Blues, because I’ve been going to see them for five years now and going to those shows was a large part of what facilitated my getting into the Monkees fandom). So SSB has a big place in my heart for sure.

After SSB, I did begin to explore the other guys’ solo work. Davy got disqualified from contention solely due to the song “Rubberene” (oh, the nightmares…NIGHTMARES, I TELL YOU). I do love Micky’s new album Remember…I think it’s wonderfully done, and his new version of “I Prithee (Do Not Ask For Love)” is so fucking good it gives me shivers (in the good way).

And Nez…what can I possibly say? I’m not so hot about everything post-Rays, but the FNB/SNB stuff and everything else up to Rays is absolutely phenomenal. Michael Nesmith is single-handedly responsible for making me like country music, and that is NOT a small feat, I can assure you. I have never and probably will never again encounter anyone else who can make yodeling sound sexy, so THANKS A BUNCH FOR BREAKING EVERY EXISTING FORM OF YODELING-RELATED LOGIC, NEZ. Seriously, though…his songs and the way he sings them make me so happy and fill my heart with a warmth I can scarcely explain, but that is always there. 

DAY 12b: Ultimate Favorite Monkees Song (Pick 5)

This is just sadistic right here. I think thank-your-lucky-stars must have a whip that she cracks while standing at her computer screen and cackling wickedly. After much screaming, crying, gnashing of teeth, drawing of pentagrams and offering of goats to the dark lord in exchange for NOT having to answer this question…I am now going to answer this question. In no particular order:

1. “Pleasant Valley Sunday”
2. “Papa Gene’s Blues”
3. “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”
4. “All Of Your Toys”
5. “Someday Man”

Two doodles drawn by Micky Dolenz for Doodles4NF, an organization that auctions celebrity doodles each May to raise money for the Neurofibromatosis Network. This year’s auction begins May 8th and ends on May 19th!

Putting this in a separate post because why not.
(Macro created by NP logo designer/friend-of-the-show Zeftoon Namora.)

Putting this in a separate post because why not.

(Macro created by NP logo designer/friend-of-the-show Zeftoon Namora.)

Monkees Awards Challenge: Day 9

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DAY 9a: Favorite Song from Headquarters


Oh, this is another horribly difficult choice! I honestly…there are several songs on Headquarters that I really love, which makes it so hard to pick a favorite. I guess I will go with “For Pete’s Sake,” because it has such an iconic status with it closing the second season credits of the TV show, and I like hearing the contrast between Micky and Peter’s different versions of the song. Plus, knowing that Mike is responsible for giving the song its title makes me love it even more.

DAY 9b: Which Monkee Would You Most Like to Meet? // Which Monkee Did You Enjoy Meeting Most?

Oh, boy. Well, I have been incredibly fortunate in that I’ve actually gotten to meet all four guys. The thing for me is that Peter has been my favorite Monkee since shortly before I saw them in concert for the first time (in 2001). But when I met Micky, I went more to pieces meeting him than when I first met Peter. And then when I met Nez, it ended up meaning so much more to me than I ever expected.

I honestly never even thought I would get to meet Nez, let alone have the experience that I did. He’s definitely the opposite of everything that everyone thinks, or used to think, he is, and is such a sweet, thoughtful, hilarious, delightful, squishy old man. I have a million other reasons that I could list, but I’m just going to leave it at that and say Nez has been my favorite Monkee to meet.

Monkees Awards Challenge: Day 8

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DAY 8a: Favorite Monkees Fashion Era


The exact moment that Peter stopped wearing underwear (if he ever actually did wear any).

DAY 8b: Best Actor

Well, I truthfully feel that there are two kinds of actors: Trained actors and natural actors. To my mind, Davy was by far the best trained actor of the Monkees. Knew and understood timing, how to convey different emotions, hit a mark, and so on. He was a professional and always did what had to be done, even in the second season when things started to get all loosey-goosey. So I have to give him props for that.

On the other hand, I do think that the best natural actor of the Monkees was Mike. He didn’t have much experience going in, but the fact that he got so damn good at improv and could display a certain vulnerability at times, yet also steal an entire scene just with a single ridiculously over-the-top facial expression shows how much natural talent he had/has. There was one article that described each of the boys (I think from a magazine?), and what they wrote for Mike I think really sums it up: “Mike just stands there and it’s funny. Or he says something—anything—in his native Texan twang and it’s funny.” 

So those are my picks for the best actor(s) of the Monkees, which I hope make sense now that I’ve explained them.

Just a friendly reminder that reposting people’s scans or gifs that they made, especially without giving proper credit, is severely NOT cool and should generally be avoided at all costs. 

Sassy Ethel Merman Davy thanks you for your time.


Monkees Awards Challenge: Day 7

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DAY 7a (“What number is this, Chip?” / “SEVEN A!”):
Favorite Monkees ‘Ship’

This was supposed to be my Valentine’s Day gif(t) to the lovely ladies over at Naked Persimmon, but I wasn’t able to finish it in time.  So, happy belated!  Stay perfect. <3    GASP.


I can still remember the very first time that I ever read a Torksmith fic, back on the old Blue_monkees_oz Livejournal community (it was also through Torksmith and this community that Moondreams and I first met and bonded). I had only just discovered Monkees slash, and had no concept of what pairings were popular or anything like that. Somehow, I ended up drifting toward Torksmith, and when I read that first fic, it was like a switch turned on. From that point forward, when I rewatched episodes of the show, looked at pictures…I just couldn’t NOT see it.

The appeal of Torksmith for me is the contrast of their opposite personalities—oil and water, dark and light, pragmatic Texan vs. free-spirited hippie—coupled with their mutual devotion to music and how they were both initially the “musicians” of the group. I also love how Peter seems to bring out Mike’s vulnerability, which is something not often seen.

With Torksmith, you often have to look beyond the surface, because unlike other Monkees slash pairings, things aren’t always happy and fluffy and best friend-y between them. It’s stormy, and tumultuous…angsty, not always clear, sometimes maddeningly frustrating…and just exactly right.

Sometimes chemistry comes not from friendship, but from passion and even anger. What do we feel when we’re angry? Blood pounding…cheeks flushed…muscles tense and poised to spring. These are the very same things that one can also feel when aroused. The tension that has historically existed between Mike and Peter easily walks the line between those two things, and I will just be forever fascinated by their dynamic—how adorable and touchy and close they are when things are good, and how off-in-their-own-corners-and-pissy they are when things are bad. So Torksmith is definitely my favorite Monkees ship.

HONORABLE MENTION GOES TO: Torklenz (because Micky and Peter look like a couple in literally EVERY FREAKING PICTURE OF THE TWO OF THEM TOGETHER) and Dolenzmith (because Micky has idolized Mike for 40+ years and they’re so stinkin’ cute together). And I can’t forget Torklenzmith, which is basically the cherry on top of an already fucking indulgent sundae. Yes ma’am, I’ll have another…

DAY 7b: Monkee You’d Love to Sing You To Sleep

Well…I have to admit that this seems kind of weird to me. I’ve seen the cover of Micky’s Micky Dolenz Sings You to Sleep album, and I’m pretty sure that’s had the opposite effect and actually kept me up at nights staring into the dark and wondering whether there is really a god. So, I think this is all about context…I wouldn’t want any of the Monkees sitting in a chair and singing to me while I’m lying there in bed. But…if a Monkee was in bed with me, perhaps after several hours of some lovemaking, and we were spooning and stuff and he just sang softly in my ear, I suppose I’d be okay with that. (And the Monkee I’d choose would be Mike.)

Monkees Awards Challenge: Day 6

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DAY 6a: Favorite HEAD Sequence





…Any questions?

DAY 6b: Favorite Romp (Pick 2)

Oh, too difficult to pick only two! Argh! But I will try. One has to be the “Sometime in the Morning” romp from Monkee Mother. Nothing makes for quite such a floaty, dreamy, ethereal music video as the four Monkees in 19th century costumes dancing around the Pad with a young Millie. All of the boys look cute and handsome in it, but I have to give a special shout-out to Mike, who—rather than dance with the girl—watches her dance, with that…that…look on his face. The intensity of that moment is unparalleled, and perhaps more sensual than any moment of actual kissing or romance on the rest of the show. The rest of the guys are a delight to watch too as they dance with her—although I always have to fight back laughter at Micky, who sort of haphazardly throws her around like a rag doll. 

Second choice: "Take a Giant Step" romp from The Chaperone. The song and Micky’s vocals are fantastic, and as cheesy as the manufactured ’60s “party scene” may seem, I like the little “slice of life” that this video offers—a sort of cross-section of ’60s fashions and hairstyles, showcased in one neatly packaged video. There is an innocence to it as well—a bunch of teenagers dancing and having a grand old time—and it’s just plain fun to imagine being in the Monkees’ Pad with them. Bonus points as well for Micky headbanging in drag, the old lady with a surfboard, and the completely random appearance of Mr. Clean.

HONORABLE MENTION GOES TO: The “Sweet Young Thing” romp from Success Story, for Mike’s breathy “thing-ah”s and the irony of a song called “Sweet Young Thing” having a video that features a bunch of old people.

…Can we just take a minute to deal with the fact that in the second gif, PETER (on stage, with the green bass) IS RAISING HIS HAND?

Monkees Awards Challenge: Day 5

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DAY 5a: Favorite Iconic TV Show Moment


This is literally the mission statement/thesis/purpose/life goal of Naked Persimmon summed up in an entire gif. It has a permanent place of honor in our Description box, and it’s just…the Monkees ripped each other’s clothes off, for cripe’s sake. There is absolutely nothing that makes this anything less than the greatest 25 seconds ever committed to film.



…One of the most iconic Torksmith moments in the entire show. Also the apex of the incredible amounts of unnecessary touching (thank you for that phrase, omorka!) that these boys seemed to do with each other on a freaking regular basis…

DAY 5b: Monkee You’d Most Like to Party With

Oh, boy…okay, once again, I’ll do both ’60s and present day.

1960s: Peter. I just so want to see what one of his (no doubt meticulously) organized orgies looks like in the flesh (pun slightly intended). Of all the Monkees, his parties were the most notorious, so I would want to check one of them out just for curiosity’s sake (the thought that I might actually have to then head over to one of Micky’s parties for something tamer is rather brain-breaking and highly amusing).

Present Day: Well, this depends on how we’re defining “party.” If I was in the mood for something more low-key and chill, Nez would definitely be my first choice. But if we’re talking drinking and being merry in a louder and more raucous sense, then I’d have to go with Micky. Micky just always seems like he knows how to/is ready to have a good time, so I have to respect that about him. Haha.

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