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Oh my god can you please tell me what that shirtless gif of Peter and Micky is from? I need to watch it x -lady-madonna

Sure! Haha. Well, it was featured in an alternate video for “That Was Then, This Is Now,” which you can see HERE (skip to the 3:06 mark for the moment in question). We’re not sure where the clip is originally from, as the Monkees did a myriad of television appearances in the ’80s, but if we find out, we’ll be sure to post about it here!

Am I the only one who thinks Micky Dolenz would be the PERFECT Dr. Frank-n-Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show??! allysonharrison97

…Oh, no, dear. You are most definitely NOT the only one who thinks Micky would be a positively scintillating Dr. Frank-N-Furter. The gif above is sadly the closest we’ll probably ever come to seeing such, but just imagine those long legs of Micky’s in fishnet stockings and garters…his torso laced up in a corset, and shimmering red lipstick painted across his lips. Furthering the RHPS fantasy, we can also picture Peter as Rocky Horror, and Davy and Mike as Janet Weiss and Brad Majors (respectively). Which, of course, then leads to the imagining of what Dr. Frank-N-Further (Micky) does with Rocky (Peter)….and both Brad (Mike) and Janet (Davy) later on…

Long question: Hi there! I'm a germal gal (quite exotic, huh?) and I've been a Monkees fan for about half a year now and only recently found out about these awesome Monkees blogs on tumblr (you guys have the best humour!). Anyways, being quite new to this fandom I couldn't figure out yet what this "9 iron" thing means. I know it's something nasty though... Could you help me out? banancookie


…Oh, honey. Hahaha.

Well, first of all, welcome to the Monkees fandom! We hope you enjoy your stay. To answer your question, many moons ago, we used to get lots and lots of Monkeesexual ”Ask NP” questions (that means sexual-themed questions relating to the Monkees). One of those such questions was, ”What would each Monkee name his dick?”. Our answer for Mike was Nine Iron, as a somewhat-veiled reference to both the actual game of golf, and to our perception of the measurement/physical texture of Mike Nesmith’s penis at the height of its arousal. For some reason, the nickname stuck, thus leading to the phenomenon of “Nine Iron” continuing to this very day.

So that is the story of “Nine Iron.” Aren’t you glad you asked? Haha.

I'm really considering reading "Total Control: The Monkees Mike Nesmith Story," but a lot of the reviews I've seen for it are mostly negative. Do you know anything about the book? If so, is it worth reading? torkiedegraw

Hi there! Well, there have been different things said about Total Control. It was originally supposed to be written in collaboration with Nez, but when Nez had some schedule conflicts arise that would’ve pushed back when he could write it, the person who authored it went ahead and wrote it without him. It does not provide the most flattering portrait of the man (which is not to say that every biography should be written through rose-colored glasses), but a lot of folks have had problems with the book because of its tone. It is really up to you whether or not to read it, but if anyone else who has read the book would like to chime in here and offer their thoughts, please free free to do so.

So were there any interesting slashy moments at the convention? Thanks! mikeandmicky

Hi there! Well, unfortunately there were not too many. Outside of Nez’s Q&A—where he made the “couldn’t keep my eyes off of Davy” comment—the only thing we heard about was Micky in his Q&A professing to have a giant man-crush on Jack Nicholson. (You can watch video of this auspicious moment on Youtube, HERE.) If we find out about any other slashy convention moments, we’ll be sure to mention it here!

Which Monkee do you think would be loudest in bed? I know you said that Micky would be constantly giving commentary, but in terms of having orgasms and such, are they loud or quiet, and if they are loud, do they try to muffle themselves? kawaiinekonekocanchan

Hi there! We’ve actually answered this question multiple times before. Remember that you can always check our #monkeesexual post tag to see which questions have already been asked and answered. You can see our answers here, and we’ll repost them below:

Davy: We can possibly see Davy letting out a loud “Yippee!” like in Too Many Girls (Fern & Davy). Or, well, since that groupie tale from The Real Live Brady Bunch that we posted: “Here we cum…”

Micky: Micky would be groaning more and more and louder and louder the closer he got to climax…sort of like climbing up a rollercoaster. At the actual moment, he’d be all “yes, yes, Yes, YES, YES!!” just crescendoing into a loud finale.

Peter: With Peter, we think it’d really vary from encounter to encounter. In one, it could be a sharp, abrupt, half-choked groan. In another, it could be a long, drawn-out panting moan. And in another, it could flat-out be a scream of ecstasy. So it could really go any number of ways with ol’ PT.

Mike: Mike would certainly be the quietest of the bunch. We’d guess that he finishes with a loud grunt and a lot of heavy breathing. Of course, there is also the possibility that he might revert to one of his Texan-isms, such as a slightly incoherent “Holymotheragod!” or somesuch.

If it's not too much to ask, do you think you could find some cute pictures of Peter and Mike for me, please? It's just that... I kinda need a pick-me-up right now, that's all I'm going to say. Thanks, and I really hope I don't sound like an attention whore... torkiedegraw

Aww…sure! And you do not sound like an attention whore at all. People have messaged us before asking for a little pick-me-up, and we’re happy to help out however we can. So here’s some cutie patootie Mike and Peter pictures for you. Hope you feel better soon!

And a few of them together (Torksmith!):

Greetings! I'm fairly new to the fandom and the wealth of content seems a bit daunting to search through it all myself. Do you know of any good teacher/student AU fic? (Prefer Torksmith but I'll gladly take anything I can get.) Thanks! referencetosomething

Hi there! Oh, gosh…you know, we have such a wealth of wonderful Torksmith fics on NP.com, but strangely enough, none of them are teacher/student fics. There are, of course, plenty of fics where Mike is in a dominant role and Peter a submissive one, and is “teaching” Peter in a manner of speaking, but none that are AU with specific teacher/student roles. 

There is actually only one teacher/student fic that we have, and it’s a (current age) Peter/OFC fic, called Disciplinary Action (in which Peter is a high school principal).

This would be a great writing challenge, however, so if anyone wants to try their hand at some Torksmith (or other pairing) teacher/student fics, have at it! And in the meantime, we do apologize that we don’t have more to offer you, but welcome to the Monkees fandom, and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :)

hello :) do you know where I can download/buy the Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart album? I tried looking on iTunes but it wasn't on there :/ iammrsbrianjones

Hi there! Well, if this is the album you are seeking, it looks like it is available for purchase on Amazon. We couldn’t find a download link, but if anyone knows of one, please do feel free to share it here.

What do you think the tv versions of the Monkees would be up to today? stanleys-moon

Davy: Serenading ladies in a nursing home and using the stars in his eyes as a reading light when he can’t get up from being on one knee and they prop him in a chair. 

Micky: Filing a patent claim for a Viagra/hair growing elixir-in-one potion after perfecting the mixture with his chemistry set.

Happily operating his very own beach hut that sells nothing but custom-designed sideways belt buckles and cream-of-root-beer soup mix.

Taking the Monkeemobile out for late night drives into a Being John Malkovich-like dimension where everyone and everything is Michael Nesmith and secretly admiring himself with boobs.

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