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hey, how many of you run this blog? i wanna follow all of you~ :D and-a-homecoming-queen

Well, there are two of us who founded the NP website, but I (Miss Mini) am the one who runs this blog. Both Moondreams and I have personal Tumblrs as well, but because of harassment and other problems that we had to deal with for several years, we no longer feel comfortable giving out the URLs of our personals. It’s nothing personal against you or anyone else, but hopefully you can understand our reasons.

what do you think is the best way of contacting nez? I really want to write him a fan letter. please tell me you have his address! withoutyouwithinyou

Hi there! We actually just answered this question recently. Nez does not have a direct fan mail address, so everything sent to him has to go through his company, Videoranch. You can find the address right in our handy-dandy #fan mail tag. :)

whens the next shirtlessmenparty? or was that just last year? mick-jaggers-magnum-dong

Hey there! Well, we and psychojello did indeed host a Shirtless Men Party last year, but there are not plans for one this year as of yet because we haven’t discussed it. But if folks are interested, it’s certainly possible that we could do it again. Tell us, Tumblr: Would anyone be interested in having and/or participating in a Shirtless Men Party this summer?

Hey! I have been miserably sick and was reading some of your old posts (A lot of it really cheered me up!) and I wanted to know why you think Davy was a snob. To be honest he always rubbed me that way (Although I absolutely do NOT hate him!) but I don't know why! I just wanted to know your thoughts, cause I love other peoples opinions about stuff I love! Thanks! snbtashtnb

Well…first of all, it’s not really (nor has it ever been) the opinion of either of us here at NP that Davy was a “snob.” We’ve always given him a bit of good-natured ribbing, just as we do the other Monkees, but many folks over the years have seen us as unfairly “attacking” Davy, which is simply not true. What is true is that we have discussed or described a certain attitude that Davy displayed at times, especially in his later years.

The thing is, Davy was a very, very hard-working man. He did so much touring and performing and looking after a whole herd of horses and basically just…taking care of everyone and everything, all the time. And what seemed to happen—with Micky describing in his book how Davy in the ’60s and ’70s “was more than once victimized by swindlers, brigands, and thieves”—is that there was a sense of bitterness that developed on Davy’s part. Not towards the fans so much, mind you…but towards the music business and the people who were supposed to take care of him, but didn’t. And if you’re let down over and over again in that regard, it’s not at all surprising that it starts to affect you after a while. Plus, someone like Davy, who worked so hard himself, would feel extremely frustrated at seeing others not doing their jobs, and that most likely affected him after a while, too.

So, when taken somewhat out of context, that attitude could be incorrectly looked at as being a “snob.” But divorcing the attitude from the circumstances that created it does a big disservice to Davy, and who he was as an entertainer and a person. Hopefully our answer here helps to clear things up, though.

Sure thing! That fic is called Seeing Stars and was written by NP’s own Moondreams herself. You can find it HERE. :)

Sure thing! That fic is called Seeing Stars and was written by NP’s own Moondreams herself. You can find it HERE. :)

Hi, I noticed that whenever Davy is shirtless he has a large scar on his stomach and was wondering if you could maybe tell me what it's from? I might have known at one point but just being curious. :) agentwoolhat

Sure! That scar is actually from when Davy had his appendix taken out, pre-Monkees. You can see the scar pretty well here:

And he talks about it in his Monkees screen test, too, which you can check out HERE. :)

//Omg i know this is like the second question i sent you but for the past few months ive been working on art of the boys and I really wanted to send them the originals and I don't have an address mike. so that being said, do you happen to have an address for me to use so i /can/ send him art? I dont want replies from them I would just love to have them see the stuff c: askmissphyllis

Well, Nez doesn’t have a fan mail address that goes directly to him, so it has to go to him through Videoranch. This is the address that we’ve posted previously (and you can find fan mail addresses for the other Monkees in our #fan mail tag):

Michael Nesmith
c/o Videoranch
1793 Catalina St. 

Sand City, CA 93955

i remember people talking about this /turbo/ incident with davy and his last wife. do you know what its about? im just geniunly curious petertorkthedork


Oh, child…come sit beside us here and listen to the story which we now must tell.

Once upon a time, in the far-off land of Kirshner, there lived a man named David Jones. David Jones had a bride named Jessica, who was not altogether un-lovely as brides went, provided she finished teething a few months after they married.

So one day, while the happy couple was busy enjoying nuptial bliss in the form of Davy playing one of his records in the faint hope that Jessica would actually know any of the songs, the young bride had a great epiphany (SAT word!):

"Oh, David! Let’s go on a not-horribly cheesy and exploitative television program that’s the last stop for D-list celebrities: The Newlywed Game!”

Davy, being hapless and hopelessly in love with having a hot young wife Jessica, agreed.

And so off they went to the magical world of Hollywood, to appear with two other couples on that TV show for those who had wed newly.

Thus, over the course of the unstoppable train wreck known as the episode on which Davy and Jessica appeared, one of the many painfully embarrassing questions asked was for one half of each couple to describe their spankin’-new spouse’s lovemaking style (which may or may not involve spanking). 

And it was at this exact moment that Jessica loudly and proudly spoke of a certain “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” sexual maneuver of Davy’s called—you guessed it—The Turbo. (Davy’s reaction to this can be seen in the gif above.)

As per Jessica’s description, and without inducing entirely too much cringing, “The Turbo” referred to a rapid, rabbit-like thrusting pattern of Davy’s that apparently stood…well, knelt….or maybe laid on its back…at the forefront of their May-Decemberrific sexual escapades.

And so, this infamous moment with Davy and Jessica on the game of those wed newly spread throughout the fandom, and thus became frozen in time and preserved for all to avoid see forever.

Or at least until the video was removed from Youtube.


I've been wondering the last few months but, did Michael and Victoria ever finalize their divorce? askmissphyllis

Well, both Nez and Vic have been private about their separation, but given present circumstances, it is highly probable that they have indeed finalized their divorce.

Hi ladies! I know I have seen the answer on here before but can't remember which month/year it was answered...what program is used to create the wonderful GIF's that get posted on here? I seem to remember it was Adobe something or other...? marchhare13

Hey there! Well, there are a few different programs one can use to make gifs. I (Miss Mini) use Adobe ImageReady, but there is also Photoshop, GIMP, and Picasa. If anyone has experience with using any of these programs or knows of another good program for making gifs, please feel free to comment on here and tell us about it!

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