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Hey, I'm just wondering how seriously I'm allowed to take Monkee articles from 60s magazines (16, Tiger Beat, etc). Obviously I've been taking them with a pinch of salt considering there's a lot magazines aren't allowed to publish, especially about the Monkees having fights etc and their need to keep relationship stuff sensible for a younger audience. But, for example, in the 'Monkee Talk' articles there's a lot of good quotes, are things like this likely to be directly from the boys or made up? its-peter-tork

Hi there! Well, we consulted with bethpurple on this, as she is our resident Teen Mag Expert and has read a great many of those “Monkee Talk” articles. The thing about these teen mag articles is that, at the time when they were all being written and the mags were being put out, the Monkees were almost nonstop busy touring, recording music in the studio, and filming the TV show. So it’s very unlikely that they would have had time to sit down and write full articles for the mags. What most likely transpired, though, is that the teen mag editors or writers sat down and interviewed the guys, and then culled together the quotes from those interviews, cleaned them up a bit/elaborated on them (based on the writers’ own observations), and then all of that put together became the finished article. (The other giveaway is that if you read the Monkee Talk articles carefully, the “voice” in them all sort of sounds the same. If Micky, Peter, Davy, and Mike had written articles themselves, odds are good that the voices would’ve been much more distinct, and you could more easily “hear” each of them in the writing.) Hope that helps! 

Hello! I was wondering how young each of the Monkee's girlfriends have been (like the ones with the biggest age gaps between them and the girls) bluejay--way

Well, from the relationships and dalliances that we know of, all of the Monkees clearly have a variety of ages in the women they’ve dated. But of the confirmed girlfriends/significant others that each Monkee has had—and let’s be honest, we could all use a color-coded flow chart at this point, though it would probably look something like this:

image                                   By all accounts, it doesn’t make sense.

—the two Monkees with the greatest age gaps between them and their girlfriends/significant others have been Nez (he married Victoria Kennedy in the year 2000, when he was 58 and she 32, giving them a 26-year age gap) and Davy (he married Jessica Pacheco in the year 2009, when he was 64 and she was 32, giving them a 32-year age gap).

So we would say that the largest age gap between the Monkees and their girlfriends/wives has been in the 30-40 year range. Hope that answers your question!

Hi. I was wondering if you had any of those "candid" monkees stories you could tell me about (or at least direct me to a source) -- sort of like the one you had written here about when Davy peed in the beer bottle (y'know, silly stories like that). Thanks peter-dorkk

Hi there! Well, we’re not exactly sure what you mean by “candid” (though we are aware of the story in question). Although that story comes from a personal source, we are not aware of a specific source online that has Monkees stories. We do have a few tags here on the NP Tumblr that contain Monkee shenanigan stories from over the years, however. Your best bet is the #groupie tales tag, the #hugs not drugs tag, and the #the monkees didn’t smoke pot what are you saying tag. Hope that helps!

Hi I'm wondering, since you seem to know some about monkees slash, are there any particular pairings that it makes more sense to ship than others? I just don't know much about the pairings and want to understand more. drzoro

Hi there! Wow, well this is certainly a big question. We’d be more than happy to tell you some info about the dynamics of each Monkees slash pairing, as this is something we’ve (obviously) discussed at length over the last few years. Our preferred pairing happens to be Torksmith (Mike Nesmith/Peter Tork), but the most important thing to keep in mind is that whether or not a pairing makes sense to ship is a purely subjective thing. So for example, what this means is that, while the pairing of Torklenz (Micky/Peter) might totally make sense to ship to one person, it might not make sense to ship them at all to someone else. So take a look at our analysis below and then feel free to draw your own conclusions.

(Also, you can always check out our #slash and #slaaaaash tags to read more about Monkees slash and our thoughts on the subject.)

Mike Nesmith/Peter Tork (Torksmith): While some Monkees fans express a great deal of incredulity at the idea of these two together, they are a personal favorite couple of ours. The two opposite personalities prove to be a powerful contrast—oil and water, dark and light, pragmatic Texan vs. free-spirited hippie. Odds are they would harbor a great deal of sexual tension between them—largely unresolved, because Peter fears being rejected by Mike, and Mike’s far too uptight and paranoid to even try to indulge that side of himself.  Yet when they really get into it (be it a fight or otherwise), the sparks start to fly. They are the “star-crossed lovers” of the bunch, and dramatic overtones are never in short supply when they’re around.

Micky Dolenz/Mike Nesmith (Dolenzmith): Mike and Micky are the “bromance” of the group. From almost the beginning, Micky has seemed to look up to Mike, to worship him, in a sense, and Mike has taken Micky under his wing. The “spontaneous goof” moments in Monkees episodes where Mike and Micky play off each other are classic (Save the Texas Prairie Chicken, anyone?), and the raw masculinity displayed by Mike serves as a great contrast for Micky’s more “delicate” sensibilities. Even now, Micky still idolizes Mike—affectionately quoting him in interviews and calling him “Papa Nez”—and the bromance lives on.

Micky Dolenz/Peter Tork (Torklenz): Peter and Micky are the “best friends” of the group. The two most “kid-like” members of the Monkees, it’s not hard to envision Peter and Micky dragging each other into the other’s schemes and adventures. Together, they make for a playful, yet very sweet, romantic/sexual dynamic. The laid back, easygoing nature of their personalities also allows for them both to switch effortlessly between being the dominant and the submissive. They are never afraid to act like 15-year-olds around each other, and even if one or both have wandering eyes, they still remain committed to each other at the end of the day.

Peter Tork/Davy Jones (Jork): The Hippie and the Diva is how we’d describe these two. Peter is laid back, sexually versatile, and more than willing to welcome Davy into the world of sweaty, man-on-man action. Seduction is possible on both sides, though, with Davy’s overly-inflated ego. It wouldn’t be hard to see him prancing around almost naked just because he knows it would get Peter riled up. The two personalities will sometimes clash, but ultimately they’ll have some great chemistry.

Davy Jones/Micky Dolenz (Jolenz): If Peter and Mike are the mom and dad of the Monkees, then Davy and Micky are the kids. The two youngest members of the group, they would comfort each other as much as they’d make each other laugh. Micky might be the one person Davy could really show his softer side to, and Davy (even though he’s younger) would be great at absorbing and staying levelheaded at Micky’s manicness.

Mike Nesmith/Davy Jones (Jonesmith): Ah, the two Capricorns. There’s no doubt that these goats would ram horns quite often. Mike would be drawn to Davy’s delicate physique—he’d want to assert himself in the dominant position because of Davy’s short stature. But personality-wise, Davy’s as domineering as Mike is, so they would surely often fight it out for who ends up on top. Both are also street-wise, being the two Monkees who grew up under tough, working-class conditions. So they are the two who most know what money is, and what it is to be without it, and would be able to understand each other well in that regard.

Do you know if Peter is really playing the harp in "The Devil and Peter Tork"? torkiedegraw

Hi there! No, Peter is not, in fact, playing the harp in The Devil and Peter Tork. He makes mention of it in the audio commentary on the episode, that he “lip synced” his fingers, that “it was all imitations of Harpo Marx, I promise,” and that “I did not and still do not to this day know how to play the harp.”


…Not bad for a long-haired weirdo, eh?

Hello! I was wondering what sort of qualities, aspects, and 'types' the Monkees like and/or have when regarding women patronofprostitutes

Hi there! Well, we’ve actually been asked this question previously, so we’ll go ahead and repost our answers for you. (And remember, you can always check out our Monkeesexual Compilation Posts and/or our #ask np tag to see if your query’s already been asked/answered!)

Davy: Davy loves being at the same height as a vagina. He enjoys a tall girl, so that he can stand between her legs and look up like he’s scaling a mountain. She doesn’t even have to talk in complete sentences or know what day of the week it is…just give that Midget a tower of legs to climb, and he’s happy as a clam.

Micky: Micky likes blondes. And also blondes. In the words of someone who knows what’s what: “If it’s young and blonde, Micky want to penetrate it.” Micky also likes to be able to make a girl laugh, and it helps greatly if her top happens to fall open while that is happening. The quickest way to a woman’s heart is through her areolas, don’tcha know.

Peter: Peter enjoys someone with whom he can have philosophical discussions, but he also enjoys doing this naked, and baked as a cake. He also likes being baked and naked WHILE baking a cake, but that’s another story. Peter is not opposed to an empty-headed bimbo, as long as her mouth is full (you can guess what we mean by that). Also, boobies. Peter is fond of the boobies—in any size, shape, whatever, just as long as they are there.

Mike: Nez likes blondes with an intellectual side, and it also helps if you’re fertile. He likes to procreate, is what we’re saying, and his super Nezsperm can and will probably get you pregnant just from him looking at you. He also likes a woman who can cook chili in the nude. While quoting Proust. Backward. In Iambic pentameter. 

I'm not sure if anyone asked this before but what do you think might be each Monkees biggest kink in the bedroom? pippielongstocking

Yes indeed, this question has been asked several times before (it seems to be a favorite among Monkees fans, including you, as we found a previous question asked by you in our #kinky is as kinky does tag!). So we’ll repost our answers here:

Davy: Davy would probably be the least likely to have a kinky fetish. For him, “kinky” is a one-time event of having sex somewhere that isn’t the bedroom—like in a car while driving (would that we were making this up: Jessica actually mentions it during their Newlywed Game appearance). An event such as this allows him the room to show off his sexual prowess, which we think he would want to do, to bolster his confidence as a lover. But it’s likely that Davy’s somewhat reserved nature would leave him a bit too uptight anything deeply kinky. 

Micky: Roleplaying is somehow always the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Micky. Perhaps it’s his background as an actor, but we can see Micky as really loving anything in the bedroom with outfits or costumes. The kinky twist might be that, instead of the traditional roles, Micky would want to be in the “feminine” role—not necessarily dressing up like a girl, but being vulnerable, being open to being tied up and left at her mercy, and having her be the one to seduce him, instead of vice-versa. We think that would satisfy some craving to be dominated that he has in his psyche, but still allow him to maintain some degree of control.

Peter: It’s almost impossible to say what Peter’s kinky fetish is, because we think it changes by the week. What gets him hot and boiling one day might be something completely different to what does it the next. Hot wax, handcuffs, spanking, voyeurism, public sex—it’s very likely that all of these have been kinks of his at one time or another, and that he has fulfilled them. Peter we think would be willing to explore kink most deeply—see, for example, a fic on our site called A Night at the Nutcracker, which, while a show-based fic, depicts Peter as the instigator for bringing the guys to a kinky sex club. We think Peter is probably the Monkee most likely to “try anything once”—twice, if he really likes it—and so his kinky fetish would simply be the exploration of multiple fetishes and seeing how many he could get his partner to try.

Mike: Mike and kinky have an unusual relationship. Of all the Monkees, Mike is probably the one to keep his fetishes and fantasies firmly locked inside his head. Life itself is the kinky fetish for Mike—watching the way a situation or encounter plays itself out. Mike would be most likely to enact his seduction mentally, so the kinky part would be to involve someone without them actually knowing it. He’d play mind games and then observe the effects of them on the other person, both physically and psychologically, and this would be the source of his enjoyment. In all likelihood, however, Mike would probably be more comfortable fulfilling someone else’s kinky fetishes than acting out his own.

…So there you have it, folks! And for those who may not know, we have gone ahead and compiled all of the Monkeesexual questions that we’ve been asked over the years into not one…not two…but THREE compilation posts, so you can read over all the deliciously dirty queries that have come (pun somewhat intended) our way and our answers to them. Links to all three compilation posts can be found right on our Tumblr page, HERE. Enjoy!

How did you get the name NakedPersimmon? lucifer-siam

Hi! Well, funnily enough, “Naked Persimmon” is the name of the song that Mike Nesmith sings in his solo spot in 33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee. So that is where the name of our site comes from. (We wanted something Monkees-related yet slightly dirty sounding, and that happened to work perfectly. Haha.) Thanks for asking!

You don't have to publish this, as it might upset some people, but with the ALS bucket challenge going around, that got me thinking, wasn't ALS what Phyllis passed away from? rose-of-pollux

It’s okay…we’ve answered many questions in the past about how Phyllis died and discussed it on our blog before. Yes, Phyllis did pass away from ALS/complications related to it, in 2010. It does make one wonder what Christian/the rest of her and Nez’s kids must think or feel about the ice bucket challenge. No doubt it is a good thing that so much awareness is being raised, but we imagine it must be painful for families who have lost loved ones to the disease to know that even if a cure is found, it is still too late for their family member. Our thoughts are certainly with the Nez kids and those other families during this time.

Hello :] I'm not sure if I've asked this before, but why did Mike call people 'shotgun'? What was the significance ? bluemauriat

Hi there! Well, to our knowledge, this was solely a TV show thing (as in, Mike did not call people “shotgun” in real life). We don’t know of any significance to it, either…just that it was in the script. BUT…given that the only person Mike calls by that nickname seems to be Peter, we like to think that there’s some (unintentional or otherwise) Torksmithyness at work there. Yes indeed…

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