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I'm not sure if anyone asked this before but what do you think might be each Monkees biggest kink in the bedroom? pippielongstocking

Yes indeed, this question has been asked several times before (it seems to be a favorite among Monkees fans, including you, as we found a previous question asked by you in our #kinky is as kinky does tag!). So we’ll repost our answers here:

Davy: Davy would probably be the least likely to have a kinky fetish. For him, “kinky” is a one-time event of having sex somewhere that isn’t the bedroom—like in a car while driving (would that we were making this up: Jessica actually mentions it during their Newlywed Game appearance). An event such as this allows him the room to show off his sexual prowess, which we think he would want to do, to bolster his confidence as a lover. But it’s likely that Davy’s somewhat reserved nature would leave him a bit too uptight anything deeply kinky. 

Micky: Roleplaying is somehow always the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Micky. Perhaps it’s his background as an actor, but we can see Micky as really loving anything in the bedroom with outfits or costumes. The kinky twist might be that, instead of the traditional roles, Micky would want to be in the “feminine” role—not necessarily dressing up like a girl, but being vulnerable, being open to being tied up and left at her mercy, and having her be the one to seduce him, instead of vice-versa. We think that would satisfy some craving to be dominated that he has in his psyche, but still allow him to maintain some degree of control.

Peter: It’s almost impossible to say what Peter’s kinky fetish is, because we think it changes by the week. What gets him hot and boiling one day might be something completely different to what does it the next. Hot wax, handcuffs, spanking, voyeurism, public sex—it’s very likely that all of these have been kinks of his at one time or another, and that he has fulfilled them. Peter we think would be willing to explore kink most deeply—see, for example, a fic on our site called A Night at the Nutcracker, which, while a show-based fic, depicts Peter as the instigator for bringing the guys to a kinky sex club. We think Peter is probably the Monkee most likely to “try anything once”—twice, if he really likes it—and so his kinky fetish would simply be the exploration of multiple fetishes and seeing how many he could get his partner to try.

Mike: Mike and kinky have an unusual relationship. Of all the Monkees, Mike is probably the one to keep his fetishes and fantasies firmly locked inside his head. Life itself is the kinky fetish for Mike—watching the way a situation or encounter plays itself out. Mike would be most likely to enact his seduction mentally, so the kinky part would be to involve someone without them actually knowing it. He’d play mind games and then observe the effects of them on the other person, both physically and psychologically, and this would be the source of his enjoyment. In all likelihood, however, Mike would probably be more comfortable fulfilling someone else’s kinky fetishes than acting out his own.

…So there you have it, folks! And for those who may not know, we have gone ahead and compiled all of the Monkeesexual questions that we’ve been asked over the years into not one…not two…but THREE compilation posts, so you can read over all the deliciously dirty queries that have come (pun somewhat intended) our way and our answers to them. Links to all three compilation posts can be found right on our Tumblr page, HERE. Enjoy!

How did you get the name NakedPersimmon? lucifer-siam

Hi! Well, funnily enough, “Naked Persimmon” is the name of the song that Mike Nesmith sings in his solo spot in 33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee. So that is where the name of our site comes from. (We wanted something Monkees-related yet slightly dirty sounding, and that happened to work perfectly. Haha.) Thanks for asking!

You don't have to publish this, as it might upset some people, but with the ALS bucket challenge going around, that got me thinking, wasn't ALS what Phyllis passed away from? rose-of-pollux

It’s okay…we’ve answered many questions in the past about how Phyllis died and discussed it on our blog before. Yes, Phyllis did pass away from ALS/complications related to it, in 2010. It does make one wonder what Christian/the rest of her and Nez’s kids must think or feel about the ice bucket challenge. No doubt it is a good thing that so much awareness is being raised, but we imagine it must be painful for families who have lost loved ones to the disease to know that even if a cure is found, it is still too late for their family member. Our thoughts are certainly with the Nez kids and those other families during this time.

Hello :] I'm not sure if I've asked this before, but why did Mike call people 'shotgun'? What was the significance ? bluemauriat

Hi there! Well, to our knowledge, this was solely a TV show thing (as in, Mike did not call people “shotgun” in real life). We don’t know of any significance to it, either…just that it was in the script. BUT…given that the only person Mike calls by that nickname seems to be Peter, we like to think that there’s some (unintentional or otherwise) Torksmithyness at work there. Yes indeed…

How did Mike meet Kathryn Bild and Victoria Kennedy? And what did they work for or as? bluejay--way

Hi there! Well, we’ve received this question previously, but as before, very little is known about Kathryn Bild/her marriage to Nez. So we do not know how they met, but she did begin working for him at a certain point (she’s listed as a producer on several of Nez’s projects, such as Elephant Parts). As for Vic, the (alleged) story of how they met is that they were on a double-date…but as the dates of other people, not each other…and they just clicked. Vic (who was 19 when she and Nez met, and he ws 45) worked as a fashion model at the time and continued to do so after that.

which of the Monkees smoked and did drugs? bluejay--way

Well, in terms of smoking, all of them except Micky partook at one point or another. Peter and Mike were mainly social cigarette (or in Mike’s case, cigar) smokers, but Davy was the one who was a habitual smoker, at least in the ’60s. Here are a few pictures of the guys smoking:




…As for drugs, erm, well…they all did drugs, in the ’60s and beyond. The drugs the guys did in the ’60s were primarily pot and/or LSD (acid), but reportedly Mike’s drug of choice then was Ritalin (but he did smoke a lot of weed in the ’70s). There are also multiple anecdotes of the “Black Box” that was built for the Monkees on the set of the TV show so that they could smoke pot “away from the prying eyes, ears, and noses of the curious” (from Micky’s book). Micky also wrote in his book about how much pot he smoked in the ’70s, and Peter went into slightly harder drug territory and actually did cocaine briefly (but he got completely clean and quit all drugs and drinking around 1980/1981).

So hopefully that helps to answer your question. The lovely psychojello also has a gallery of a collection of pictures of the Monkees smoking (both cigarettes and other things). You can check that out HERE

I saw Mike kissing an older woman (around her mid 60s I assume) and I was wondering if you knew whether this was his new girlfriend or just a lucky fan, and if it is just a lucky fan, I'm curious as to whether or not he is dating anyone at the moment bluejay--way

Hi there! From what we know, yes, Nez has indeed been seeing a new woman as of late. Being that he is a pretty private guy who tends to keep his personal life out of the public eye, however, there is not a lot of other information available about her. (Just out of curiosity, where/when did you see him kissing that woman?)

hey, how many of you run this blog? i wanna follow all of you~ :D and-a-homecoming-queen

Well, there are two of us who founded the NP website, but I (Miss Mini) am the one who runs this blog. Both Moondreams and I have personal Tumblrs as well, but because of harassment and other problems that we had to deal with for several years, we no longer feel comfortable giving out the URLs of our personals. It’s nothing personal against you or anyone else, but hopefully you can understand our reasons.

what do you think is the best way of contacting nez? I really want to write him a fan letter. please tell me you have his address! withoutyouwithinyou

Hi there! We actually just answered this question recently. Nez does not have a direct fan mail address, so everything sent to him has to go through his company, Videoranch. You can find the address right in our handy-dandy #fan mail tag. :)

whens the next shirtlessmenparty? or was that just last year? mick-jaggers-magnum-dong

Hey there! Well, we and psychojello did indeed host a Shirtless Men Party last year, but there are not plans for one this year as of yet because we haven’t discussed it. But if folks are interested, it’s certainly possible that we could do it again. Tell us, Tumblr: Would anyone be interested in having and/or participating in a Shirtless Men Party this summer?

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