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And now, for something completely different…

There are those who sit in the dark of their computer room, night after restless night, unceasingly pondering life’s deepest and most thought-provoking questions. They ruminate, dwell…going so far as to search the recesses of their own souls for even the smallest sliver of enlightenment.

…And then there are those who sit in the dark of their computer room and start what is now NP’s newest favorite post ever: How Gay Were the Monkees?


…Ahem. Moving on…

A few things to keep in mind: What you’ll find in that thread is most certainly unverifiable gossip, and therefore everything should be taken with a considerably large grain of salt. That being said, some of the comments are downright hilarious, and this is our personal favorite:


image …We still love you, Peter!

(Many thanks to NP fan missusschneider for sharing that link with us!)


try to find a photo of peter tork from 1968-1970 where he doesn’t look totally stoned— it’s impossible

oh hi there

Zilch! A Monkees Podcast!

Monkees Fandom Edition

Hey, folks! Check out this super-cool edition of the Zilch! Monkees podcast, featuring a roundtable discussion about the Monkees fandom and fan works with Naked Persimmon’s very own Miss Mini! Also in on the fun are fanfic writers/fanart creators chaoskirin, smittygirl, and michblkhawk! And a special thanks to camille9847 for serving as our moderator. 

You can click the link above to listen (our panel starts around the 23:00 mark), or go HERE to the Zilch! website, or directly to the mp3 page, HERE. Feedback is welcome and encouraged, and if you like what you hear, feel free to “like” or reblog this post!

A hippie boy and his books.
Hello! (Sorry to burden you with a trio of questions, but I'm curious) which Monkee do you think is the kindest (presently), which do you think has had the most constant and unchanged personality, and which do you think would make the best husband and why? m0ssytwigs

We’ll take this one question at a time…

1. Which Monkee do you think is the kindest (presently)?
Nez. It seems so unlikely, given his demeanor through his malcontent, hot-tempered youth, but Nez has mellowed out dramatically in his old(er) age. Every report we’ve heard from fans who’ve met him has been nothing but positive, and he’s really become this sweet, somewhat shy old Southern gentleman who knows just when and how exactly to be kind to people. So yes, we’d pick Nez out of the current Monkees.

2. Which Monkee do you think has had the most constant and unchanged personality?
Well, all of the Monkees have shades of their younger selves in their current personalities, though obviously to different degrees. But we’d have to say the most constant one would be Micky. It’s not only the fact that he looks damn near the same as he did 45+ years ago (just a bit older), or that his singing voice sounds almost identical, but Micky has always seemed to be the one who gets along with everyone—the “glue” that hold the Monkees together. Though he was a lot wilder in the ’60s and ’70s, his quintessential “Mickyness” has been constant throughout the years, and that is something for which we can all be grateful. Yes indeed.

3. Which Monkee do you think would make the best husband and why?
Oh, boy. Well…not for anything, but asking this question is sort of like asking, “Which slice of day-old uncovered American cheese is the tastiest?” Because they’re all pretty much the same, in a sense. Let’s look at the facts: All of the Monkees have been/were married three times (now four, in Peter’s case). At least three have cheated on their spouses at one time or another, and in one instance, fathered a child out of wedlock (“her name was Nurit…and she liked it when I did that thing with her feeeEEEEETTT…”). Anyway, yes. Marrying one of these guys would probably not be unlike bringing home a puppy: He’s all cute and adorable in the window, but the second the ring’s on, he’s peeing on the furniture and chasing after the miniskirt-wearing French poodle next door. (No wonder Bob Barker recommends neutering your pets. Sheesh…)


Joni Mitchell at Peter Tork’s house, 1969

photos by Tom Gundelfinger

Hey! Could you please tell me more about Peter's real personality? I kind of want to get to know him better ect. Thank you :-) Beautiful blog by the way! thevelvelettes

Hello! Thank you for the kind words, re: our blog. In regard to your question, we’re not sure if you’re asking about the real personality of 1960s Peter or present-day Peter. So we’re going to answer for 1960s Peter, and if you want to know about present-day, you’re welcome to ask. Bear in mind of course that we were not around in the ’60s and so can only speculate. By all accounts, 1960s Peter seems to have been a very intelligent, thoughtful person. An article in the December 1966 issue of LOOK magazine sums up the differences between Person-Peter and “Monkee-Peter” pretty well:

"Monkee-Peter is dimpled, sort of dopey. Person Peter is dimpled, creeps off into corners with burgers and The Nation, speaks in long, perfectly punctuated sentences.”

Peter also seemed to be very laid back and probably was the most open and best at dealing with fans in the ’60s. Some accounts from the Monterey Pop Festival detail how fans swarmed him and actually ripped his shirt off, but he laughed and gave people hugs and even threw his wallet into the crowd. Case in point:

Other than that, he seemed to be very liberal (politically speaking) and a fairly serious student of Eastern philosophy (Buddhism and such). Peter also had a rather laid back attitude when it came to sex, nudity, and drugs, and encouraged openness and free love/expression in his friends and those around him. He also has admitted to having had sex with a man once, so Peter is clearly no stranger to experimentation/different sexual orientations and proclivities. 

So hopefully this helps to answer your question. Again, this is largely speculation, in part with the help of people who knew or had the opportunity to meet Peter back in the ’60s. He definitely was different than the character he portrayed on The Monkees’ TV show, and seemed to be an interesting and fun person to be around.

Okay, then…
(Thank you to sir-michael-blessing for the photo on the left!)


Candids: Micky and Peter at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967
Interesting to see an early years pic with Peter holding a cig. Also: Boyfriends.(Pic via the Monkees Live Almanac.)

Interesting to see an early years pic with Peter holding a cig. Also: Boyfriends.

(Pic via the Monkees Live Almanac.)

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