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Here’s hoping that some-“bunny” gives you all tasty treats in your baskets today. (God knows that’s certainly what Peter and Davy are wanting here…)

Happy Easter, everyone!

So much going on here…including Davy apparently posing for a photo shoot that only he knows about…

So much going on here…including Davy apparently posing for a photo shoot that only he knows about…


From Monkees Monthly June 67
Davy Jones and Peter Noone. D’aww.
(Pic via the Herman’s Hermits Starring Peter Noone FB page.)

Davy Jones and Peter Noone. D’aww.

(Pic via the Herman’s Hermits Starring Peter Noone FB page.)

Monkees Awards Challenge: Day 11 and Day 12

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**NOTE: First, apologies for being a bit late with the last two days of the challenge. Second, many thanks to the fabulous thank-your-lucky-stars for doing this for all of us! The challenge officially ends tomorrow, so now’s the time to finish the rest of the questions if you haven’t already!

DAY 11a: Favorite Song from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones, Ltd.


Oh, this is such an evil, evil question! There are at least three that I love in equal fervor and I have no idea how to narrow it down. The album is fantastic and has a lot of terrific Mike-lead vocals and Mike/Micky harmonies. After great deliberation, I think I will have to go with “Love Is Only Sleeping,” at least in part due to Peter’s white pants in the video, Mike’s falsetto, and this super-hot Torklenzmith fic that is based on the aforementioned video.

DAY 11b: Joke or Story You’d Most Like Micky Dolenz to Stop Telling in Interviews

Hahah. Aw, Micky. Well, I love Micky, truly I do, but there are definitely some anecdotes of his that have gotten real damn tired. (Namely, the line “I’m told I had a great time”; the “I looked like a cross between Ronald McDonald and Charlie Manson” Beatles story; and the Leonard Nimoy/Vulcan analogy.) I think my feeling on this is not so much that I want Micky to stop telling the same stories, but I want interviewers and such to stop asking the same freaking questions over and over again.

For what it’s worth, Peter does the same thing of using the same bits and jokes in his show over and over again, and the difference is that Micky at least makes his stories sound (somewhat) fresh. So what I’d really love is for Micky to tell a story he’s told before, but in a completely different way. Or it would be great if he told some stories that he’s never told before, but again, that’s only likely to happen if these interviewers do five seconds of research and ask some new damn questions.

DAY 12a: Favorite Monkees Solo Project

Another toughie! Well, I have to say that, for whatever reason, it took me a long time to get into each Monkee’s solo work (excluding Peter with Shoe Suede Blues, because I’ve been going to see them for five years now and going to those shows was a large part of what facilitated my getting into the Monkees fandom). So SSB has a big place in my heart for sure.

After SSB, I did begin to explore the other guys’ solo work. Davy got disqualified from contention solely due to the song “Rubberene” (oh, the nightmares…NIGHTMARES, I TELL YOU). I do love Micky’s new album Remember…I think it’s wonderfully done, and his new version of “I Prithee (Do Not Ask For Love)” is so fucking good it gives me shivers (in the good way).

And Nez…what can I possibly say? I’m not so hot about everything post-Rays, but the FNB/SNB stuff and everything else up to Rays is absolutely phenomenal. Michael Nesmith is single-handedly responsible for making me like country music, and that is NOT a small feat, I can assure you. I have never and probably will never again encounter anyone else who can make yodeling sound sexy, so THANKS A BUNCH FOR BREAKING EVERY EXISTING FORM OF YODELING-RELATED LOGIC, NEZ. Seriously, though…his songs and the way he sings them make me so happy and fill my heart with a warmth I can scarcely explain, but that is always there. 

DAY 12b: Ultimate Favorite Monkees Song (Pick 5)

This is just sadistic right here. I think thank-your-lucky-stars must have a whip that she cracks while standing at her computer screen and cackling wickedly. After much screaming, crying, gnashing of teeth, drawing of pentagrams and offering of goats to the dark lord in exchange for NOT having to answer this question…I am now going to answer this question. In no particular order:

1. “Pleasant Valley Sunday”
2. “Papa Gene’s Blues”
3. “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”
4. “All Of Your Toys”
5. “Someday Man”

These dorks.








remember when spongebob used to sometimes have actual people be in the cartoon and it was always extremely bad acting or really weird like why though


those were the fucking funniest parts




man they used tom kenny for everything

Monkees Awards Challenge: Day 10

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[Master post with all challenge questions HERE.]

DAY 10a: Favorite Monkees-Related Story

Man…I keep thinking of all the Monkees stories that I love and there are just so damn many that it’s difficult to choose. I’m really interested in the stories that we haven’t heard yet—like what exactly happened between Peter and Mike that led up to Mike giving Peter that gold watch when he quit the group *cough*bad breakup*cough*. I guess one story that is worth telling—not that it’s a total favorite of mine, but it’s one of the funniest Monkees-related stories for sure—is one I heard from Micky about when he was touring as part of Dolenz, Jones, Boyce, & Hart in the ’70s. They did a gig in some club in the lower level of the Empire State Building, and apparently the green room was really dingy and awful—musty, hardly anywhere to sit, and no bathrooms. Well, at one point the four of them were in the green room there having some beers and relaxing, and Tommy Boyce picked up his bottle of beer to have a sip. He takes one swig and immediately spits it out and sputters, “What the hell is this??” As it turned out, Davy pissed in Tommy’s beer bottle because there were no bathrooms, and after Tommy spat it out, Davy was rolling on the floor laughing.

So…yeah. There’s a story for you (and did I mention I love cheeky rascal-Davy? Hahah).

DAY 10b: Funniest Monkee

Ahh…another tough one! All four guys are definitely funny in their own ways. Davy could be hilarious when he wanted to, and Micky just…Micky will come out with some serious zingers that double you over with laughter. And I love Nez’s deadpan, acerbic style…that sort of low-key, intelligent “funny” that is so damn great because he seems like he doesn’t even care about being funny, and that makes it even funnier. So yeah…I guess I will go with Nez as my choice for funniest Monkee.

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