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Monkeesexual: A(nother) Compilation Post of Answers to Your Questions!

Monkeesexual Compilation Post: Part 1

Hello, Tumblrers! It’s that very special time again: the time where we gather together for you links to all of the posts featuring answers to your Monkees sex questions! We have received many more questions since the first compilation post that we did (linked above), so we felt a Monkeesexual Post: Part 2 was in order. From here on out, you will be able to refer to this post for links to our increasingly-growing answers to Monkees sex questions. If you feel there is any post we’ve omitted that you’d like to see listed, please let us know. Thank you!


Have Any of the Monkees Had a Sexual Relationship with Each Other?

Shut Yo’ Foul Mouth: The Monkee Most Likely to Use Dirty Talk in Bed

Caught on Tape: The Monkee Who Would Film His Own Sexual Encounters

Insider Trading: Are the Monkees Picky About Their Groupies?

All of Your Toys: Which Monkee Would Incorporate Toys into Sex Play?

The Great Dicktator: What Would Each Monkee Name His Dick?

Ménage à Tork: Which Monkees Would Be Up for a Threeway?

The Greatest Question Ever: The Story of a Monkees Circle-Jerk

Did the Monkees Share Groupies (a.k.a. Did Nurit Have a Threesome with Mike and Peter, and How Much Can We Hate Her?)

Sixties-Nining: Which Monkee Would Have Starred in a Porn in the ’60s?

Monkee Porn Star Names: What Would They Be?

Cumming Attractions: The Titles of Each Monkee’s Porn Movie

A Porno Spoof of the Monkees TV Show: What Would the Title/Plot Be?

How Would Each Monkee Dump His Girlfriend/Handle Being Dumped?

What Are the Relationship Dynamics Within Each Monkee Pairing?

Which Monkee Would Make the Best Boyfriend?

Do We Think Mike Would Have Ever Participated in an Orgy?

What’s the Raciest Place the Monkees Have Had Sex?

Which Monkee Would Be the Clingiest in a Relationship?

What Kind of Girl Would Each Monkee “Go” For?

What Would an Ideal First Date Be Like with Each Monkee?

Is Mike the Grabby-in-Public Type, or a Private Perv?

How Would Each Monkee Try to Impress A Girl?

Oh, No, No, No: Sexual Acts Each Monkee Would NOT Be a Fan Of

Which Two Monkees Would Have the Best Romantic Relationship?

How Would The Monkees Make Love to their Lady on a Romantic Getaway?

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