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Which Monkee do you think would be the most clingy in a relationship? thistime-ithappenedinlondon

Ooh…good question! I’ve been thinking this one over since you sent it. After a great deal of consideration, I think Mike would be the most clingy. There’s a certain neediness he seems to possess…an insecurity, and he kind of needs a significant other to use as a shield, to help him through interacting with the rest of the world. He’s intelligent, charming, witty, and an entrepreneur, but something in that sly genius of his also makes him a little socially awkward, so I can see him being a bit clingy.

However…I would tie him closely with Micky. I think Micky would definitely be possessive, maybe even slightly controlling…perhaps not so much out of insecurity, but paranoia. Micky seems to cling particularly to the institution of marriage, even though he isn’t very good at it (I say that with love). So, yes. I believe Micky would be very clingy in a relationship as well, in his own way.

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