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Do you think Mike would ever have participated in an orgy? I can't see him doing it but its nice to imagine. :) Anonymous

Ooh, good question, Anon. I actually think an orgy would be too disorganized for Mike…he’d much more want to be one-on-one, to really focus his attention on the person. This is not to say that the¬†idea of an orgy wouldn’t intrigue him (mostly the idea of numerous ladies lying around just waiting to give him sexual pleasure), but the actual mechanics would probably prove a little challenging. God knows he has most certainly witnessed an orgy or two in his life (such as the antics of Peter and the Happy Hepatitis Harem on board the Monkee Express), and analyzed the goings-on, but would not probably have been inclined to join in. As you said, though, it is very nice to imagine…

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