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MonkeeSexual Question! On a scale from 1 to 10 how fertile do you think each Monkee is now? Including Davy. R.I.P. Davy. :( Anonymous

Okay, well…here’s the thing. There actually isn’t any way to answer this question, because the male reproductive system doesn’t quite work like that. With the female reproductive system, yes indeed, there are times during the menstrual cycle that they are more fertile than others, and women do have a certain window of their lives for childbearing—and once that window passes, their fertility level drops dramatically or is gone altogether.

With men, though, once sperm production begins at the onset of puberty, that’s it. They can get women pregnant until they die (barring other illnesses or maladies), cause they just keep on spermin’. It’s like a rocket that never runs out of fuel, if you will.¬†

Just as an aside…we’re not sure what that bit about including Davy meant…like if it was a joke or if you were actually wanting him rated as he is right now, which is to say, deceased. Whatever the case may be, that’s kinda twisted there. Just sayin’…

  1. betterwithraptors said: I think what the anon may have meant was who do you think is packin the most “buckshot” per round…(sperm count does have an effect on “fertility”)
  2. nakedpersimmon posted this

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