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I've recently discovered the wonder that is Torksmith (thanks in no small part to you fine folks at NP) and am currently putting together a personal playlist for the pairing. Are there are any songs (Monkees or not) that just scream TORKSMITH to you? Anonymous

Heh…well, Anon, we are glad that we were able to have some small role in getting you into the Torksmithy goodness. This is actually something we have pondered before. So, let’s see…

- “You Just May Be The One”
- “Propinquity (I’ve Just Begun to Care)”
- “Papa Gene’s Blues”
- “For Pete’s Sake” (because Peter wrote this song and Michael gave it the title, and oh yeah…they were born to love one another)
- ¬†And finally, “Different Drum”

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